Last Year's Show (Open Section)

  Class 59 (13 entries)
 First  Second Third 
 Unknown  Lechlade Fairy  David
 Judith Godwin  Alec Bond  Carol Richards

  Class 60 (3 entries)
 First  Second  Third
 Think Pink  'Seedling 2'  'Seedling 2'
 Tony Slack  R & B Hicks  R & B Hicks

  Class 61 (2 entries)
 First  Second  
 F. arborescens  F. campos-portoi  
 Alan Richards  R & B Hicks  

  Class 62 (1 entry)
 Paniculate Type
 Walz Lucifer    
 John Doyle    

  Class 63 (2 entries)
 Single or Double in Unusual Container
 First  Second
 Zulu King  Pink Fantasia  
 R & B Hicks  Judith Godwin  

  Class 81 (4 entries)
 Blooms in a dish of wet sand
 First  Second  Third
 Alan Richards  John Doyle   Sally Palmer 
 Highly Commended - Megan Paxton

  Class 82 (10 entries)
 Bloom Board (6 different Fuchsia Blooms)
 First  Second  Third
 Alan Richards  Alan Richards   John Doyle 

  Class 83 (17 entries)
 A Spray of Fuchsia Blooms in a glass of water
 First  Second  Third
 Elaine Day  R & B Hicks   Carol Richards 

  Class 84 (7 entries)
 A Corsage of Fuchsias
 First  Second  Third
 Sally Palmer  Sally Palmer   Sally Palmer 
 Highly Commended - Maggie Gerry

  Class 85 (1 entry)
 Fuchsia Display
 Alan Richards    

  Class 86 (3 entries)
 A Floral Exhibit
 First  Second  Third
 Maggie Gerry  Megan Paxton   Denis Basher

  Class 87 (3 entries)
 Novelty Display
 First  Second  Third
 Land's End  Happy  Unknown
 Carol Richards  Carol Richards  Megan Paxton

  Class 88 (9 entries)
 Unmounted Photo of Fuchsias
 First  Second  Third
 Roy Palmer  Roy Palmer   Roy Palmer 
 Highly Commended - Elaine Day