2013 Show Open Section

  Class 46 (7 entries)
 Miniature Standard
 First  Second Third 
 Alicia Sellers  Kobold  Widnes Wonder
 Alan Richards  Alan Richards  Carol Richards

  Class 47 (8 entries)
 Quarter Standard
 First  Second  Third
 Maria Landy  Paula Jane  Lillian Annetts
 Marie Hall  Marie Hall  Marie Hall

  Class 48 (1 entry)
 Half or Full Standard
 Lillian Annetts    
 Marie Hall    

  Class 49 (2 entries)
 Half basket - 40cm max at rear
 First  Second  
 Ebanflo  Cecile  
 Alan Richards  Marie Hall  

  Class 50 (2 entries)
 Full Basket - 40cm max diameter
 First  Second  
 Marinka  Swingtime and  Blue Angel  
 Marie Hall  Geoff Perry  

  Class 51 (11 entries)
 Hanging Pot - 15cm nominal diameter
 First  Second  Third
 Ebanflo  Linda Grace  Eruption
 Tony Slack  Tony Slack  Alan Richards
  Class 52 (5 entries)
 Hanging Pot - 20cm nominal diameter
 First  Second Third 
 Hermiena Champagne Celebration  Harry Gray
 Marie Hall  Marie Hall  Alan Richards

  Class 54 (10 entries)
 Society Plant - 18cm max pot
 First  Second  Third
 Diva Shirley  Diva Shirley  Diva Shirley
 Tony Slack  Marie Hall  David Hall

  Class 55 (3 entries)
 Pre-1914 Cultivar -8cm max pot
 First  Second  Third
 Chillerton Beauty  Achievement  Display
 Tony Slack  David Hall  John Doyle

  Class 56 (0 entries)
 First  Second  Third

  Class 57 (2 entries)
 Trained in a way not otherwise specified
 First  Second  
 F. procumbens  F. procumbens  
 Horace James  Horace James  

  Class 58 (3 entries)
 Plant of a type not otherwise specified
 First  Second  Third
 Cotta Christmas  Tree  Walz Lucifer  Tarra Valley
 Rodney Hicks  John Doyle  June Adams