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Fuchsia Websites
Fuchsia Facebook Groups and Pages
Cornish Websites
Website Cornucopia

Fuchsia Websites

American Fuchsia Society (AFS)
Birmingham & District Fuchsia Society
Bristol Fuchsia & Geranium Society
British Columbia Fuchsia Society (Canada)
British Fuchsia Society (BFS)
(to whom CRFS are affiliated)
Clay Lane Nursery
Duchy of Cornwall Nursery
Find That Fuchsia
Fowey & District Fuchsia and Garden Society
Fuchsia Conservation & Research
(Fuchsia Species National Collection)
Fuchsias in the City
(Fuchsias in New York with Theo Margelony)
James Lye Fuchsia Collection
(A National Plant Collection, Preserving Victorian Fuchsia Heritage)
Kath Van Hanegem (RIP)
(Foremost Exponent on Fuchsia Bonsai)
Little Brook Fuchsias
(Carol Gubler's Nursery)
New Zealand Fuchsia Society
North-West Fuchsia Society (USA)
Other Fellow Fuchsias
Plympton Fuchsia and Geranium Group
Reading & District Fuchsia Society
South East Scotland Fuchsia Society
Solent Fuchsia Society
Somerset Fuchsia and Pelargonium Society
Tahoma Fuchsia Society
(Tacoma, Washington State, USA)
West Yorkshire Fuchsia Society
Windsor and Slough Chrysanthemum, Fuchsia and Pelargonium Society

Fuchsia FaceBook Groups & Pages

Camborne-Redruth Fuchsia Soc. FB Group
BFS' Bonsai Fuchsias FB Group
BFS' Fuchsia Cultivation FB Group
BFS' Fuchsia Friends, Foes, Diseases FB Group
Fife Fuchsia Society FB Group
Mid Kent Fuchsia Group FB Group

Cornish Websites

101 Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Cornwall www.101-things-to-do-on-a-rainy-day-in-
BF Adventure
British Cactus and Succulent Society
Cornwall Branch
Camborne Science and  International  Academy
(Location of our meetings and the annual show)
Camborne Show
Carrick U3A
(Affiliated to Third Age Trust, covering Falmouth  and Truro Areas)
Cornwall CAM
(Weather report for Redruth and fabulous  photographs of Cornwall)
Cornwall Garden Society
Cornwall Orchid Society FaceBook Group
Cornwall Orchid Society Website
Cornwall Search and Rescue
Cornovi-Cornish Kilts Ltd
Eden Project
Eve Bourrat
(Illustrator and Designer)
Godolphin House
(A National Trust property near Penzance)
G.R. & S.D. Mills, Florists
Hardy Exotics Nursery
NGS Cornwall
Robert Owen Communities (ROC)
Ron Scamp Quality Daffodils
Rosewarne Garden Society
Stithians Show
St. Michael's Mount
West Cornwall Orchid Society (WCOS)
Wired Cornwall
(Our Stroke Rehabilitation Centre)

Website Cornucopia

BT Community Website Kit
(The platform for this site, highly recommended)
Doug Clark's Micro-Video Site
Geocaching across the UK
(Geoff and June can tell you more!)
George Morgan
(Artist and One-time Gardener)
National Gardens Scheme (NGS)
Otter Nurseries, Plymouth
(Venue for BFS FSW show)
Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)
RHS Plantfinder