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4 Dec 2015 - After our December meeting, Cathrine Wales wrote -

Thanks everybody for a great evening yesterday! I found it really informative. Being a new member this year, I have gained a great deal of insight into growing and showing fuchsias. I have always had a fuchia in the garden every year as they were one of my dad's favourate plants. I enjoyed looking on the internet at previous shows and I'm sure this encouraged me to enter the 2015 show.

Thanks everyone for making me welcome and imparting your knowledge and enthusiasm. 

Cathrine Wales.

2 Jan 2015 - Geoff Perry wrote -

Hi Ric,

As usual an excellent up date with our society news. We are a lucky band of enthusiasts, with Michael Wingate having done an exceptional job with producing our Newsletters, and his efforts I'm sure will be missed; then we have you Ric, master of computing, taking over the reins to keep us all up to scratch; then we have the unsung heroes in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly, led by our wonderful Carol, Yvonne, John and the Committee.

And then we have our in-house speakers, giving their talks, which can be quite daunting. It's like being a new bus/coach driver driving the vehicle, and all 50 plus passengers are all advanced drivers, but anyone who has a subject they have knowledge on really should give it a go. Our audiences don't bite too deep! At each meeting there are the people running the raffle table, teas and coffees, and members helping out speakers by asking them questions during the talk, which is a great help to speakers as then they know the audience are interested in their subject. I once attended a talk, and at the end the speaker asked "any questions?", and there was absolute silence; I must admit I really felt for that speaker.

So, everyone, come to our meetings and join in, no point going home and saying to yourself I wish I had asked about this that or the other, the speaker is booked to help us to enjoy our club nights. I close with an apology to anyone I have not given a mention.

Hazel and I wish all Members A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR*:) happy *:) happy